Friday, October 24, 2008

Jessica Padre and South Padre Network in Full Effect!

South Padre Network has been showing the SPI Music Fest some crazy love the last few weeks by doing all kinds of promotion and video marketing for the festival. We want to thank all of them for all of their hard work in helping to promote the festival and for helping us to get people in South Texas super stoked for a great Halloween Weekend.

The most lovely Jessica Padre, on-air talent for Padre Networks, has been a great evangelist for the SPI Music Fest since its inception, taking our message of "3 days of music in paradise" out to the people. Now she's got her own set of SPI Music Fest promo videos on YouTube for the world to see, and we want to showcase them to all of you!

This is South Padre Network's coverage of our amazing night at Cine El Rey in the Rio Grande Valley with Vallejo, Stereo Kitsch, and Ideophonic.

The entire night was incredible, Cine El Rey was spectacular, the band's were phenomenal, and the crowd came out and then some as we sold tickets in a constant flow all night long. People really know a great deal when they see one, and our 2-for-1 ticket night was something Rio Grande Valley residents could not pass up. Check out some more photos of this spectacular night on the SPI Music Fest Facebook page.

While there, become a fan of the festival, we always love the love!

South Padre Network and Jessica Padre also were down at the beautiful South Padre Island talking with locals, artists, and business owner's about the next weeks festival.

Jessica at Palm St. Pier with locals, and phenomenal South Texas artist J. Michael Laferty. He is an amazing pitchman for the festival in this interview. Check it!

Jessica at the beautiful Louie's Backyard. Where she breaks down who's playing at Louie's Backyard and at the Garden Stage along with South Texas Artists Third Coast and local business owners.

Well the countdown is down to a week. That means that SPI Music Fest is only a week away. Hope you've bought your tickets to the SPI Music Fest. If you haven't its not to late, simply click here to get them right now!!

We'll be seeing you Halloween Weekend for 3 days of music in paradise!

-Post Script -

As of press time SPI Music Fest's own Suzanna Choffel is being featured on the YouTube homepage with her ME! Television performance of "Raindrops".

This is a HUGE thing in the world of online marketing for anyone, so we are proud to say that one of our own SPI Music Fest artists is getting a worldwide audience on one of the biggest social media sites in the world for the next day or so!

Congrats, Suzanna!

check it here:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rio Grande Valley / SPI Music Fest Preview Party w/ Vallejo & friends!

First we rocked Austin, Texas. Then we went internacional in Monterrey, Mexico. Now we are hitting the area where this whole beautiful shindig is going down...the Rio Grande Valley area of South Texas!

Oh, and this ain't just any typical SPI Preview Party tour date, people. This is going to be a wicked crazy night of amazing music, in a beautiful venue, a guitar from Gibson is up for grabs, and an unheard of "local's deal" on SPI Music Fest 3-day Passes!

That's right folks!
One night only!
McAllen's Cine el Rey!
THURSDAY Oct. 16th!
8pm - midnight!

Buy one 3-day Pass to SPI Music Fest, get one free!!!

If you live in the Valley, McAllen's historic venue, Cine el Rey, is the place to be Thursday night!

This FREE SHOW will have Austin rockers Vallejo tearing it up, along with McAllen's own Stereo Kitsch, and Brownsville's Ideophonic. Repeat...this lineup is not to be missed!

Use the widget below to check out the event, the bands, and most importantly to spread the word - via email, MySpace, Facebook, blogs - whatever it is that you beautiful people do to get the word out!

Tell your friends, your neighbors, your family...heck, tell everyone! SPI Music Fest is bringing it to your front door!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

SPI Music Fest Preview on BlogTalk Radio

SPI Music Fest executive producers Tim Hayden and Chris Thies were interviewed with Contempo Magazine, along with a number of the festival's artists today on

Special guests for the interview show are Nakia Reynoso of Nakia and his Southern Cousins, Roger Earl of Foghat, Alex Vallejo from Vallejo, Miami Mami, and Tony Scalzo of Fastball.

Here is the interview in its entirety:

See the online magazine story

Thursday, October 2, 2008

SPI Music Fest Schedule Grid Announced!

We are thrilled to announce that the 2008 SPI Music Fest Grids are out:



We want to let you know that while there are still three-day passes available, we are also offering up a limited number of single-day passes. You can get both types of tickets HERE!!!

For those who don't want to buy your tickets online, you can call the Ticketmaster Hotline at 866-448-7849 to charge by phone.

You can also pick them up anywhere Ticketmaster Tickets are Sold!

We also want to let you know that we are offering up travel and accomodations packages from both Austin & San Antonio. This will include a three-day pass, SPI hotel room, and round-trip bus travel to and from the SPI Music Fest.

Prices for this all inclusive weekend of music in paradise start at just $240/person!

Find out more about this amazing deal HERE!!!